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Bio-gas picking up in Tsirang as well

Feb 24, 2012

Use of bio-gas in Tsirang is slowly, but definitely making its way into the homes. Many farmers have now started replacing wood fed stoves with bio-gas. Our correspondent, Pema Namgay, says the success of bio-gas plants in other Dzongkhags and its benefits are drawing the attention of the farmers.

Pema Wangchuk from Goserling Gewog in Tsirang built a big-gas plant last year. Pema Wangchuk,and four other farmers constructed the plants under the initiative of Bhutan Bio-gas project. They are the first group of farmers to start bio-gas plant. And they are happy with the success of the project.

“The plant is benefiting us a lot. Firstly we no longer need to fetch firewood. Secondly the plant produces enough waste which can be used as fertilizer. And thirdly we no longer have to worry about the LPG shortage in the market. The four cubic metre bio-gas plant is enough for a family of five to cook throughout the day,” said Pema Wangchuk.

More farmers are now coming forward to construct their own bio-gas plants. Many more plants are expected to come up in the future. Til Bahadhur Nepal is one of those farmers who have decided to replace his wood fed stove with bio-gas. “Right now we are receiving help from the government. In future, the cost of bio-gas plant will increase. So I have decided to construct it now when government is helping us. It will be difficult later.”

Bio-gas is expected to become more popular in the Dzongkhag due to easy availability of raw materials and its multiple and economic uses. The masons, trained by the Bhutan Bio-gas project, are helping in the construction of the bio-gas plants.

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