Greener Way’s waste segregation unit becomes an eyesore to residents

The waste segregation unit of the Greener Way- the private waste management company, located below the Kelki Higher Secondary School in Thimphu has become more of an indecent dump site in recent times.

Residents within the Thimphu Thromde dispose of their wastes at the segregation unit. Dogs are seen scavenging for food in the rubbish every morning. People living nearby the locality complain that the place has become more of an eye sore to them.

Add to this, they are vexed regarding the unpleasant smell emitted from the garbage.

A resident named Jeevan Kumar Kawar said: “Dogs bring all sorts of wastes including baby diapers and used sanitary napkins at our place. We have to clean them regularly. The litter attracts flies which cause illness.”

He also said people in the locality have submitted complaint letter to the National Environment Commission and are waiting for the intervention. The situation has been aggravated with some people dumping waste outside the unit.

The Greener Way said most people have zero waste management literacy and dump wastes carelessly.

“Some residents keep the waste out the premises and tell us to dump in waste bins since it’s our responsibility and that we are paid for our job,” said one of the waste collectors of Greener Way, Tshering.

“Greener Way has segregated waste bins for dry and wet garbage. If people throw wastes in the designated bins, the surrounding will not be littered,” said another resident Tashi Dema.

However, the situation is expected to improve in near future. The Thimphu Thromde will take over the management of the segregation unit from the Greener Way by end of May.

“I request everyone to dump their wastes properly in the litter bins. Once we take over the unit, we will place four bins and for daily monitoring, two staff will be stationed there.”

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