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His Majesty grants an Audience to people of Tashichhoeling Dungkhag

Damcho Zam, Samtse
Jan 31, 2018

His Majesty The king granted an Audience to about 5,000 people in Tashichhoeling Dungkhag, Samtse yesterday. Gathering of such a huge crowd in Tashichhoeling Gewog is unprecedented, and people consider it historic. People from as far as Sangbaykha in Haa also came to receive His Majesty.

His Majesty The King offered prayers at the Tashichhoeling Mandir (temple) and offered a four-foot Shiv statue for the temple yesterday morning. Previously, the temple had only Shivaling, a representation of Lord Shiva, for worship. His Majesty felt the need for a Shiv statue during His Majesty’s last visit in 2017. The three and a half decade old Tashichhoeling Mandir is one of the oldest Shivalaya shrines in the country.

People remain grateful to His Majesty for the precious gift, which not only beautifies the temple but also benefits the people in the entire district. “We are fortunate to receive the statue of Lord Shiva personally from His Majesty. It is a precious gift. People of Tashichhoeling are happy that they got to meet His Majesty,” said the priest of Tashichhoeling Mandir, Prajapati Sharma. “We will forever remain grateful to His Majesty The King, Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen and His Royal Highness The Gyalsey for the gift.”

Following the temple visit, His Majesty granted an Audience and hosted tokha to over 3,000 people who gathered to be with His Majesty. As part of the programme, the crowd also had the honour of receiving prizes ranging from sewing machines to jersey cows and refrigerators upon winning the lucky draws.

Later in the evening, His Majesty invited the people of Tendruk Gewog to RBA football ground and hosted tokha. His Majesty will arrive in Dorokha this evening. His Majesty is on a royal tour to southern districts in the country.






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