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Dagana Dzongkhag Administration allows six households to construct houses in Sunkosh

Namgay Wangchuk, Dagana
Jan 31, 2018

For the last 15 years, six households living in Sunkosh town, Dagana were unsure of living there permanently. However, since over a month ago, their uncertainty turned into certainty.

The Dagana Dzongkhag Administration instructed them to go ahead with construction of permanent structures in Sunkosh town. In 2002, the dzongkhag authority allotted 15 plots to 15 households. But, only nine could construct permanent houses while six couldn’t. And that was due to reconstruction of Sunkosh motor-able bridge.  The plots of six households had to be used to mount construction materials for the bridge.

After the bridge was completed in 2007, the six households were hopeful of starting their construction works. But, rumours of a hydro power project coming up in Sunkosh ripped their hopes away. But finally, their hopes have been fulfilled. “It was good news for us when dzongkhag gave green signal to start construction. We have timber and other materials gathered since 15 years ago. Hope they aren’t damaged. If yes, then we will have to buy the construction materials again,” said one of the shopkeepers, Gyem.

Other shopkeepers are equally happy to know the dzongkhag has given a green signal to kick-start their works. “First, it was the reconstruction of bridge that stalled our works, later it was the rumours of Sunkosh project. Dzongkhag told us to dismantle old huts and built permanent structures,” said another shopkeeper, Sangay Bidha.

Gewog officials said Sunkosh town must be a model town that will showcase the impression of Dagana District. “In line with Dzongdag’s instruction, we will construct two-storey traditional house. To beautify the town, we will make flower gardens. The town must look green and beautiful through all seasons,” said Gup of Tsangkha Gewog, Tawla.

Sunkosh town is quite popular among the regular commuters travelling to and fro Sunkosh.



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