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Class XII results out, Science tops

Jan 30, 2012

The results for Bhutan Higher Secondary Examination Certificate for class XII were declared today. In science stream, Pema Wangdi from Jigme Sherbuling Higher Secondary School in Khaling, Trashigang and Karma Tenzin from Ugyen Academy Higher Secondary School came first with 88.50%.

Govinda Adhikari came second and Jigme Namgyel came third.

In Commerce, Tshering Dago Wangmo from Drukgyel Higher Secondary school came first with 87.50%. Ziyoda Shukhratkhon came second and Sonam Dema came third.

In Arts Sonam Darjey from Sherub Reldri Higher Secondary School came first with 86.50% followed by Pema Dorji and Kinga Zangmo Wangchuk.

Over 86% of the students passed the examinations this year.

Less than 15% of the students who attended the examinations will be taken into the Royal University of Bhutan.

Over 8,500 students sat for the exam last year.

13 Comments for “Class XII results out, Science tops”

  1. Ugyen Namgay

    If only less than 15% are taken by Royal University of Bhutan, where will the remaining student will go? Are they all rich? Will problem related to youth will arise?
    To the RUB please cut the cake according to its size and taste, here i mean to say that i m polytechnlic pass out from JNP,Dewathang. In my batch they had taken 65 civil, 45 electrical and 25 Mechanical. Now, we are in the Market with lots of civil shortage, 37 electrical and 10 Mechanical Jobless in the Market. For training each trainee our government are doing expenditure not less than Nu. 2.5 lakhs
    So, i think, every Bhutanese has right to think and right to comment for mistake.

  2. sonam palden

    i think rest has to look for your own university on private funding as we are doing. it is very difficult for government to take all. if you need to be selected you should be up to the rank as others. otherwise cannot help.

    • Yadav Lal bhattarai

      We know that our country is very small, we have lots of potential with our young upcoming graduates. If all graduates absorbs as civil servant, who will develop the country. we need equally potential in private sector. we the countries reinforcement(backbone) today is right time to decide and come up with new technologies in our country. It is not only government responsibilities to look each and individual. friends is is not necessary that you should be topper and secure good marks to become civil servant. my message is that come up with creativity and new technology to develop our nation and approach to concern authority to share the views and seek the permission. don’t worry young friends sit alone and dream yourself first. think that i should do something to my country, then only you can. go ahead for planning……

  3. Drathup Wangdi

    I agree with what Ugyen had stated.
    I think RUB should come up with some kind of stratagies where by those who are doing technical course doesn’t land up being jobless.
    Our thoughts or the plans that we make doesn’t have to reach very far where we even can’t see our grand children surviving.
    I saying this with response to requirement of technical graduates required for hydro power projects that are coming up in our country. I see the technical graduates in civil and electrical are almost equal (62 civil and 40 electrical) but the intake or requirement in hydro power projects are almost 3 electrical and 40 civil.
    Ofcourse there would be a point of saying that electrical graduates are required only after completion of projects. But till completion what are electrical graduates going to do. The project takes upto 3 years (approx.) to be complete and very less number of private are willing to take electrical engineers.
    RUB has alot to think when 40 of electrical engineers are pass out and till now only 3 are employed. Where as 62 civil engineers are passed out and still civil engineers are shortage in market.
    By this i’m not trying to blame RUB but there still lot of room for improvement in the stratagies RUB is taking with respect to the intake of the technical person with their courses.

    • towpola

      RUB is now running as autonomy. it will look for the brilliant students so that their expenses dont go in vain. Therefore, we should not expect RUB to recruit those students who did not meet the ability criteria. To make the quality education and keep the standard, RUB must have very strict recruitment system.
      For those not qualifying for RUB colleges, why dont u stay in village and remain as an educated farmer. In true spirit of GNH, being educated farmer serves a better job to the country. If u aim for higher position why didnt u study hard so that u didnt have to regret n blame the recruitment system of RUB or whatever.
      For polytechnic electrical engineers, why dont u go for private sectors. There are many private construction offering good jobs with handsome salary.

      • harpola

        RUB is a autonomous body..ok accepted, but RUB do not put in their money but their other resources. And FYI its the Government who pays RUB for all those who occupies the government funded scholarship and rest are self funded. Regarding your dumb advice of staying back at village as educated farmer i would like to ask you…Would you stay back at village?
        So if you can’t encourage those who didn’t qualify for govt. funded higher studies, at least don’t demotivate them.
        LIVE & LET LIVE.

      • Tshendu Gyeltshen

        Then what will happen to the younger generation of those who couldnt do well in RUB in future? There will be increase in umempolyement . I think government should take some major steps to increase jobmarket ..

  4. Dorji

    I agree with Sonam Pelden: if they want to be selected, they should be up to the rank as others.

  5. RUB always feels proud of good marks scored by the candidates only.they also helps them in their higher studies through anouncements,etc.But i have never observed the students who scored the less/worse mark helped by RUB.since our K5 aim is to mostly help the low mark students and jobless people in the country i think RUB should think of those student who scored less marks.e.g;rich people=high scored student and poor people=less scored student,so please think and observed;TO WHOM RUB HAVE TO HELP AND PROTECT THEM IN THESE RELIGIOUS AND PEACEFUL COUNTRY

  6. Young Guys, take courage to find appropriate post. I agree with all of you as you have taken so much of your precious time for your studies.You are the backbone of the Nation and needs like you.Feel free to meet the appropriate person for more advice and work in your related field of study.

  7. Karmic Karma

    The reporter probably need to improve her writing skills. Take it positively. p:

    • zim

      some of you guys have considered students getting only good marks are accepted by RUB and are given enrollment, but let me tell you it’s not that government is doing nothing to help indigenous people get into learning profession. unlike other country, our country’s education is free of cost and students who cannot afford going to school are considered, prioritized and are looked by government. now when students are not able to get expected marks it’s still one’s own fault because either parents don’t say anything to their children or they react stubborn and loaf around….
      so i think it’s good that we don’t take advantage of time and take things easily…

      • Boo

        I totally agree with you. Government has done so much for us already. Good and bad. But when it comes to education they has given us the best.
        ” to understand the value of 12 years of free education they should be sent to India”
        Appreciate what the government has done for you. If you can’t speak good about it, keep shut … ^_^

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