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Trying new ways to control citrus greening

Jan 27, 2012

Orange is the main source of income for most of the farmers in many parts of the country. However, their source of livelihood is under threat due to many citrus diseases. The most rampant is the citrus fruit fly disease.

The disease causes oranges to drop prematurely. Numerous methods to control the disease were tried by the farmers. But, it was ineffective. Now, a group of farmers in Dagana have come up with a new idea to control fruit fly infestation to their orange trees. They claim to have seen on a Television programme in India.

“With this method, the worms inside the oranges cannot escape from the plastic bags and we hope it will control the disease a lot,” says Sangay Sherpa.

In the new method, numerous plastic bags are placed inside their orchard. The diseased oranges, which drop on the ground, are collected in the plastic bags. Previously they used to collect it in a pit or water and use chemical sprays.

Agriculture officials, however, said the disease can be controlled effectively only if the whole community practices the control measures. If not, the disease will be spread from orchards which are neglected.

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