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Setting example but infuriated

Jan 27, 2012

People of Khasakha village under Mewang Gewog in Thimphu are setting an example by carrying out the road maintenance works on their own. Even the three kilometre construction was carried by the villagers themselves. But, why do they have to carry out the maintenance works every year?

A villager Jigme Namgyel says that apple carrying trucks from Tshaphu village damage their road. “We have to contribute labour for about a week every year.”

Isn’t there any help from the government? No, says the residents. They say they are left with no other option. They are now blaming their elected representative of the National Assembly for not helping them. And the elected representative is the Minister for Works and Human Settlements, Yeshi Zimba.

“Our MP said he will help us in maintaining this road. But after the elections we have not seen him,” says Namgay Zam.

In response to this, Lyonpo Yeshi Zimba said that people of Khasakha should be proud for setting an example by constructing road and maintaining it themselves. He also added that he is aware of the support that people of Khasakha need.

“As far as my support is concerned, I cannot intervene directly. I am the Minister of Works and Human Settlement of the whole nation. If I do something for the Khasakha or anywhere in the country I should be ready to it everywhere else…And this I cannot do,” says the minister.

The Lyonpo added that there is a proper system put in place. “We have Local Government, which has been empowered by the Constitution. People have elected their representative. What must be done in the village must be routed through Local Government.”

For now, the residents of Khasakha can expect that their issues can be brought directly to the notice of their representative since Lyonpo is planning for a constituency visit soon.

Khasakha village has more than 130 households.

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