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Gone for a picnic?

Jan 27, 2012

The Thimphu District court wore an empty look today as the office was closed and remained locked for the entire day. After waiting for hours, people had to return back home disappointed.

Dorji came all the way from Yoesepang to the Thimphu District Court, only to find it closed. Though crippled, he says he has been waiting outside the district court since 9.30 am.

“They called me yesterday, that is why I came here. When I reached here, there was no one and the offices were closed. Other people also started coming and left after finding out the offices would remain closed,” said Dorji.

Dorji said he heard people saying that the court would remain closed because there was an office picnic today. “I don’t know why the office is closed. I thought the court would remain open on a weekday.”

After almost waiting for more than two hours in the sun, Dorji finally makes his way back home.

According to the Registrar of the Thimphu District Court, the office was closed because of a meeting. He, however, refused to elaborate on it.

3 Comments for “Gone for a picnic?”

  1. Karma Wangdi

    So what is your further update on this story?. We need to know the reason for its close. The greatest weakness in our media is that report some story but there were no follow up on what happen after that……! Don’t joke!! we are not watching a horror movie where the ending is left undisclose.

  2. Yeshi

    One thing for sure, it would be unfair if the concerned authorities are not willing to disclose the fact to the media. Right to information is vividly enshrined in the constitution. Lets not undermine it.

  3. wisdom

    what is happening behind closed door of court? counting or distrubuting?

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