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Yet to receive insurance claims

Jan 25, 2012

Four months and the affected families of the September earthquake in Dorokha and Sipsoo Dungkhags, Samtse are yet to receive their house insurance. Some of the families said that although they had received CGI sheet as Kidu from the government they were not able to fell timber for construction because of budget constraints.

“If we get insurance money then it will enable us to speed up our rebuilding efforts,” said one of the affected members.

Another one said that they do not have enough money to pay the workers.

The Samtse Dzongda said they have carried out the damage assessment in the Gewogs for insurance claim. The assessment of the 15 Gewogs have been submitted to the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan, RICB, head office in Thimphu. “The insurance for seven gewogs under Samtse Dzongkhag administration was received and disbursed to the victims,” he added.

However, the Dzongda said that the Gewogs under Sibsoo and Dorokha Dungkhags have been delayed because RICB is in process of upgrading its old system. He said they are constantly keeping in touch with the RICB for release of Insurance claim as soon as possible. “I hope to receive within next week and be able to disburse it the affected families.”

Meanwhile, the Dzongkhag office has procured CGI sheet worth of Nu. 430,000 and distributed to the victims.

Samtse was one of the worst hit Dzonkghags by the 6.9 magnitude quake in September last year. Nine hundred eighteen houses were damaged by the earthquake, of which over 300 suffered major damages.

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