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Treading the dangerous path

Aug 24, 2010

A village of about 30 households in Zhengosa, Punakha has been treading on a dangerous path. Falling under Geonshari Geog, the only suspension bridge connecting them to the main highway was damaged by the flash floods last summer. With their only source of connectivity disrupted, residents have no choice but to cross the swollen Mo Chhu to get to Punakha.

The decade old bridge is in dilapidated condition and is on the verge of breaking down, any time.

The residents said the community has been managing their way across the Mo chu with help of the government. This is worrying the residents as it involves a substantial amount of risk.

Every morning some 20 school going children pass through the rickety bridge. Parents of these children shared concerns over the safety of their children.
Some of the residents said they have taken the matter to the Dzongkhag.

The government has responded saying that they have plans to construct a new bridge connecting it directly to the motor-able road on the other side of the village. This is why they have not maintained the existing bridge.

While people say development activities have been making its way to the village, what they need urgently is a bridge.

But the greater worry the residents express is that will the existing bridge stand before they get a new one?

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