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Monks of Dodedhrak clean up Kuensel Phodrang

Passang Dorji, Thimphu
Nov 30, 2017

Wearing gloves and face mouth masks, it was not their typical day as the monks of Dodedhrak Shedra in Thimphu picked up wastes at the Kuenselphodrang yesterday.

Some 170 monks took part in the day-long cleanup campaign. By the end of the day, they collected six truckloads of unwanted wood and planks and three dump truckloads of general wastes.

The coordinator, Lam Sangay, said a book on the benefits of proper waste management by His Holiness the Je Khenpo inspired the monks to engage in the voluntary activity.

Wastes generated over the recent three-month long Oral Transmission of Kanjur, which was attended by thousands of devotees, is yet to be cleared. The voluntary service by the monks of Dodedhrak was a much needed help in cleaning up Kuensel Phodrang.

For now, including the staff of Buddha Dordenma Statue Project, only two groups of volunteers have came forward to clean up Kuensel Phodrang.

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