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BBS 2 launched

Jan 21, 2012

Bhutan Broadcasting Service officially launched its second Television channel today. The new channel known as ‘BBS 2’ will air current programmes and entertainment shows.

BBS TV was first launched in 1999 with a daily one hour broadcast in Dzongkha and English. The news channel went nationwide in 2006.

The General Manager of the BBS 2, Tashi Dorji, said one of the reasons being whenever the parliament sat in session, both the houses requesting for live coverage for the sessions has regularly put BBS in a very uncomfortable position, and the only option was to broadcast the live of both the houses. “And the other aspect is since the launch of television in Bhutan, BBS never really had a very clear identity and by identity I mean do not mean the mandate. I am talking more in terms of the content where presently we have mix of news, current affairs, educational programme, entertainment and sports.”

The General Manager added that now with the launch of the second channel, viewers have a choice. “If you are interested in watching the news and issue based programme you can switch on to BBS. And if you want to watch healthy mix of entertainment and educational programme, you can switch on to BBS channel 2.”

Tashi Dorji said that people are able to view their favourite programme at their own convenience. “The launch of 2nd Channel is a landmark in the history of BBS and more so because the launch was initiated without any additional manpower and equipment.

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  1. dorji wangchuk

    when was second channel launch?

  2. kuenzang

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am a student of Bhutan in Canada and I am wondering if I could watch BBS TV Channel 2 on line so that I could watch Thimphu Tshechu Live online. If it can be accessed online I would be grateful if you could give me the links.

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