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Beyond health physique and sound mind

Aug 24, 2010

The first thing that strikes a person on hearing the sport of body building is a healthy physique and a sound mind. This is true as proven by the health researches. However, for some, body building means beyond a healthy physique and a sound mind. For them, it is this sport that revived them when they were actually down in life.

Tshering Sonam, 28, from Trashigang can be seen in one of the health clubs in the capital. Our reporter, Sonam Wangdi, says it hard to believe that he once was a substance abuser looking at his physique now. But the fact is he used to. His abusing habit also cost him his job.
Like Tshering, few youth who completed treatment from the rehabilitation centre have now enrolled in the health club. The youth voluntarily joined the club because body building gives them the confidence and self-esteem that they have lost.

“When you don’t take drugs, people are willing to help you. So it is a recovery gift for me and the Club serves as a hangout place for me,” said one of the recovered youth.

For the Bhutan Bodybuilding Federation, the sport benefitting such individuals is an encouragement. Moreover, this comes at a time when the sport is still in its infancy in the country. “It’s an encouragement for the Federation,” said Wangchen, General Secretary of the Body Building Federation, adding that they also give some supplement and good training so that they could get rid of the addiction.

Meanwhile, Tshering who has now become an exemplary figure for the group of youth feels it is time he start preparing for the Mr. Bhutan title next year. And someday, he hopes to represent the country and win some medals in the international front.

However, today this fact is a forgotten past. And this change in his behavior and attitude was brought by taking the body building sport. The last time he remembers abusing substance is some four years ago.

He enrolled himself in the health club with further support from his family members and the health club owner. Today, he proudly stands as one of the instructors in the club. His job earns him about Nu. 15,000 to 20, 000 a month.

“I gained knowledge through this sport and it also benefits me financially,” said Tshering.

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