Thimphu Tshechu begins

The three-day annual Thimphu Tshechu began today. People from Thimphu and neighbouring Dzongkhags came to witness one of the biggest festivals in the country.

Although it drizzled for most part of the day hundreds braved the rain to receive blessing from the sacred dances.

The first day showcased various masked dances such as Pholay Molay, Drametse Nga Cham, and Zhana Cham. Today’s main attraction was the Pholay Molay and Drametse Nga Cham.

These two masked dances hold significant spiritual importance.

“The Pholay Molay dance is based on Siddhartha’s life when he was a prince. This dance will enable better affection in a family,” said Lhendup Tshering, a Researcher of PunThim Dratshang. “The dance shows how conflicts arise in a family and how we can deal with the conflict,” he added.

Other cultural dances were also performed at the Tshechu.

People say they are fortunate to be able to witness the festival.  

“I stay here and watch masked dances all day. For me all the masked dances are blessed,” said Jigme Yoezer.

Another spectator Tandin Tshewang said it is his third year attending the Tshechu. “As always, I am here to pray for the peace and prosperity of my country.”

The tshechu will resume tomorrow with Durda Cham, Tum Ngam Cham, Raksha Cham, and Raksha Nga Cham. Shinjay Choegi Gyab or the lord of the death will also be displayed for the public to receive blessing.

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