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97 fined for smoking in public over the past 18 days

Samten Dolkar & Kinley Dem, Thimphu
Jul 30, 2017

The inspection team for non-compliance of the smoking rules collected over Nu 160,000 as fines so far. The team, comprising of officials from the Bhutan Narcotics Control Authority(BNCA), Police, Department of Trade, Customs, and Thromde has been carrying out surprise inspections in and around the Thimphu town since 10 July. 

Over the past 18 days of extensive inspection, 97 people were fined for lighting up in the public places. the team aslo intercepted 39 cases of illegal possession of tobacco products. For smoking in public area, an individual is liable to pay a fine of Nu 500 per incident. During the inspection, 16 shops, entertainment centres and bars were fined Nu 1000 each for allowing people to smoke in a communal space.

The inspection was conducted coinciding with the starof the summer vacation of schools in order to minimise the use of tobacco and tobacco products among the young population. According to BNCA, for many youth, the use of tobacco is the beginning to abusing other drugs.

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