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Youth equipped with life skills for brighter future

Kipchu, Bumthang
Jul 23, 2017

The Passport To Success, a life skills training conducted by the Nazhoen Pelri- Drop In Centre in Bumthang is able to instill some valuable lessons for the students and youth in the locality. 

From theory classes to group activities and demonstration on time management and setting priorities among others, the participants who are mostly students and out-of-school youth took home some important lessons for their lives.

“Life is all about emotions, so the lessons on handling emotions and respecting others and oneself are important,” said a student, Rinchen Chedup.

“I learnt about paying respect to others,” shared another participant, Chador Pem.

The two-day training funded by the Bhutan Youth Development Fund in Thimphu intends to inculcate important life lessons for the participants.

“With time, the youths, who are the future of Bhutan, will have to shoulder lots of responsibilities, so they need to have certain life skills,” said the organiser, Lham Dorji, who is also a counselor of YDF in Bumthang. “The other thing is to engage the students in fruitful activities during their vacation.”

Outdoor activities like forming a web out of a thread only symbolises how each one of them are interconnected and how vacations can be a good time to learn, play and have fun.

The Passport To Success programme is one of the many activities that meaningfully engage students during their vacation.

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