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Flu outbreak, schools closed for a week

Jul 23, 2010

Hundreds of students from Damphu Lower Secondary School in Tsirang visited Damphu hospital today to undergo H1N1 test. Doctors said the students came out of fear, after three students of Damphu Higher Secondary School tested Influenza A positive.

Doctors, however, said there were cases of cough and cold among the students who visited the hospital today. 18 random samples were taken but all of them tested negative of Influenza A.

The sample of the three students, who tested Influenza A positive, haven been sent to National Public Health Laboratory in Thimphu for H1N1 confirmation. Today only two cases were reported in Damphu Higher Secondary School, compared to 26 yesterday. Damphu Higher secondary School has been closed for a week, starting today, to prevent the spread of virus.

Meanwhile, around 175 students of Daga Higher Secondary School in Dagana visited Daga BHU with flue like symptoms yesterday. 31 random samples were collected but tested negative. Doctors said there were no severe cases.

The hospital said due to major road blocks, they could not send the samples for H1N1 confirmation to Thimphu. The sample will be sent to Thimphu, after the highway is opened to traffic. Daga High School has also been closed for a week starting yesterday.

Doctors in Tsirang and Dagana said there is no cause for the public to panic. They said any possibility of H1N1 outbreak is being looked into and measures are put in place to contain the spread of the disease.

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