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A narrow escape for passengers

Jul 17, 2010

The block at Gantey-Pani, along the Sunkosh-Dagana highway is posing risks to the lives of commuters. A taxi was nearly buried by a landslide yesterday. Before people could push the taxi to safety, passengers ran for their lives, dragging along the children as continuous landslides began to pour towards them.

An excavator, just on time, rescued the taxi. Vehicles often get stuck in the area making it risky of being buried under continuous landslides.

Small vehicles are often trapped in the middle of the road due to the muddy and slippery road conditions. While some manage to escape from mishaps, for some it is a nightmare for both the drivers and passengers.

The taxi suffered minor damages but the driver and the passengers were badly shaken. Two excavators are deployed to clear the block. But due to continuing landslides, the road gets blocked every half an hour.

Soon after the road is cleared, vehicles rush to cross the area before another slide. The fear of being trapped in the middle of the slide area haunts most of the drivers.

Around 70 vehicles, stranded at the block site for over two days, could cross the area only yesterday.

People are also risking their lives by crossing the area on foot. They were mostly students going back to school after their summer break. Many of them were stranded at the block site without proper food and shelter for two days.

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