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BIU to provide skills to the technical graduates

Sonam Choden, Thimphu
Jun 29, 2017

The graduates and trainees of Thimphu Institute for Zorig Chusum will now be able to gain work experience in handling real life projects within the institute’s campus.

The newly opened Business Incubation Unit (BIU) will not only enhance trade and project management skills through on-job-trainings but also assist graduates and trainees to develop business plans. The unit was inaugurated yesterday.

The BIU will also help trainees identify and negotiate for possible projects and act as a bridge between relevant agencies for entrepreneurship trainings .

The Principal of Thimphu Institute for Zorig Chusum, Tshewang Peldon, said the BIU will be the contact point for the clients. “For example if the client is looking for a Jinzop to make a statue in the house, they can come and talk to us.”

The initiative is also expected to contribute towards the private sector development where the industries can employ skilled local workers.

“Earlier, we didn’t have any idea where to sell our products and pricing of the products,” Ugyen Tshering, a trainee at the institute said. “Now we are hopeful that BIU will help us with the business.”

The unit was established at a cost of Nu 500,000.

Technical Education Department under the labour ministry will monitor the BIU’s function which is expected to reduce dependency on foreign workers and meet the national demand for workers.

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