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Design Thinking Guidebook to facilitate public service delivery

Sonam Pem, Thimphu
Jun 29, 2017

Towards enhancing public service delivery in the country, the Royal Civil Service Commission in collaboration with Temasek Foundation International, Singapore launched the Design Thinking Guidebook, in Thimphu yesterday.

‘Design Thinking’ is a human-centered way of solving problems not just from the policy perspective but from the user and citizen perspective.

As people’s expectations from the government keep increasing, Design Thinking is expected to help public service providers generate ideas and design better system.

The new concept will help develop policy, product or services with a understanding of where the needs are and how the citizens would impact and improve their lives.

The Design Thinking Guidebook was developed by the Design Thinking Master Trainers of Bhutan with expertise support from Singapore Polytechnic.

Currently, 54 participants from various ministries are undergoing a four-day workshop in the capital on Design Thinking to promote citizen-centric attitude.

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