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REC towards digitised text book for students

Pema Tshewang & Sangay Chezom
Jun 26, 2017

The Royal Education Council (REC) is likely to come up with digitised text books for students in the country. The REC is currently carrying out feasibility studies.

The initiative, according to the REC is to lessen the burden on students while carrying their school bags.

“You can use your phone or a tablet to access the text books,” said the Director of REC, Kinga Dakpa, adding that they want the digitalised text books to be very interactive.

“Whenever students come¬† across difficult term, they can highlight on that term which will take them to dictionary or encyclopaedia,” said the Director.

The Royal Education Council will submit the final report to the Education Ministry as a recommendation.

Meanwhile, the REC has also started working to reduce the thickness of text books by taking out irrelevant topics.

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