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Thimphu has highest number of students with substance abuse problems: Education Minister

Sonam Choden, Thimphu
May 27, 2017

Schools in Thimphu recorded the highest number of students abusing substance, compared to schools in other dzongkhags last year.

Of the nearly 47 hundred cases reported more than 4000 students in Thimphu. The Education Minister Norbu Wangchuk reported on this during the question hour session of the National Assembly yesterday.

The Nyishog Saephu MP Kuenga, said terminating or suspending students who are abusing substances, would have adverse impact on the students’ lives. Thus, he quizzed the Education Minister about alternative plans and policies to deal with such issues.

“It is school’ responsibility to provide counseling students abusing drugs to stay away from it. Because not all parents are gutsy handle them at home if they are expelled from school,” added MP Kuenga.

The Education Minister replied that students’ caught abusing substances are dealt with according to the school’s discipline policy. He said the introduction of central schools has also helped some students to quit the habit.

“In central schools, teachers and counselors are guiding the students every day. That is why I learned some students have already gave up on drugs and other harmful substances,” added Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk.

He also said as per the school discipline policy, if students are caught abusing negative substances for the first time, they are advised not to in future.  If caught for second time, along with students, parents are also given advices to properly guide their children.

However, school warns both the parent and the student if the school finds out the latter is the third time abuser.

If the offence is for the fourth time, the school decides to either terminate or suspend the abuser. Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk reiterated that  it is  collective responsibility of parents and teachers to keep students far away from abusing harmful substances.



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