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A book on development of education system in Bhutan launched

Sonam Choden, Thimphu
Apr 30, 2017

The first ever comprehensive book on the development of “Education in Bhutan” was launched in the capital, yesterday.

Students and academic researchers in Asia-Pacific Region will now have a reference book on education in Bhutan ranging from monastic education to non formal  education.

The book titled, “Education in Bhutan, Culture, Schooling, and Gross National Happiness” is the complete  documentation on the development of education system in Bhutan.

It presents history and development, challenges and the opportunities that are in the Bhutanese education system. One of the editors and authors of the book, Matthew J.Schuelka said, the book is an excellent contributions to international education.

“It’s also for those who may not know the history of Bhutan especially the global audience. They can learn about development of education in Bhutan  both monastic and secular. It also presents some current challenges, things like inclusive education for children with disabilities, early childhood education, how you think about education and gender. For example non formal education and it also has some recommendations , some ways forward as well.”

He added that the book will serve as a guide for those interested in  learning about  education and schooling in Bhutan. It will also be a benchmark where other books in future will be judged.

“We hope that it will benefit researchers first and foremost. We also hope that it may be looked at by the education ministry, and other agencies like UNICEF that are working on these issues.”

The book was written based on research done on the education in Bhutan.

Twenty authors, mostly Bhutanese contributed  to the different chapters of the book. It was published by Springer Publishing Company in Singapore.

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