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“Triple P” policy proves effective in Monggar

Sonam Tshering, Monggar
Mar 31, 2017

PPP or Triple P policy, aimed to reduce juvenile delinquency cases was launched in Monggar, three years ago.

Under the policy, police, school principals, and parents collaborated and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to keep children meaning engaged during the schooling time.

They agreed that the students will not be allowed to roam in towns after 7 in the evening. And so far, the initiative has proven successful.

“With the coming up of this policy, I think that the overall burden of monitoring disciplinary behaviors of students has reduced. They are now aware of rules for offences and are more cautious.  In our school, lately, there has been no case of children being misbehaved,” said the Principal, Monggar Higher Secondary School(MHSS), Kinga Rinchen.

Some parents said such policy is vital for students in terms of social upbringing.

“Triple P is one of the very good guidelines for students. Police and parents should always collaborate for instill better values and principles on children,” said one of the parents, Bishnu Pradhan.

Students are also support the initiative and said it has lead to decline in juvenile crimes in Monggar town.

“PPP policy restricts us to visit town after 7pm. This is benefits us as we can devote more time in studying,” said a student of MHSS, Rinzin Wangchhuk.

His school mates also echoed similar opinions.

“Triple P policy is a good initiative for police, parents and teachers to discuss youth related issues and accordingly find solutions to address the problem,” added another student of MHSS, Ugyen Jigme Wangmo.

Post the launch of Triple P policy, students loitering in the town has been a rare sight.



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