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Waste management in Bumthang town to get better

Kipchu, Bumthang
Mar 28, 2017

The only garbage truck in Bumthang is finding it difficult to cater to the needs of all the residents in the town area.

The truck goes four times a week to collect waste in the locality but people are not happy with the present arrangement made by the municipal authority.

From Jambay Lhakhang in the north to Jalikhar village towards the south, the Dzongkhag Throm is spread out in an area of about eight kilometres.

In the areas away from the main town of Chamkhar, drains are clogged with trash and roadsides are being littered.

Some people leave their waste packed in sacks along the road only to be scavenged by dogs.

According to a resident of Gangrithang, Kinga Norbu, the garbage truck hardly comes on time making it inconvenient.

“For civil servants like us, there is hardly anytime we coincide with the arrival of the truck as we leave for office during daytime. So, all the wastes remain at home. There is not a pit nearby where we can dump our waste.”

Though the Chamkhar town is relatively cleaner, the stream that flows through the town is filled with waste.

Another resident, Lhawang Dema shared, “the garbage truck often breaks down and there won’t be waste collection service for weeks.” Thus, keeping their wastes packed at home.

However, the municipal authority says it will not be long before another dump truck arrives.

The authority proposed for an Indian made dump truck to the Finance Ministry and is expected to arrive later this year. Currently, a tractor is also deployed for waste collection once a week.

The District’s Municipal Engineer, Yeshey Dorji, reasoned dense population and vast area to be covered, makes them difficult in managing wastes. “The other reason is since the vehicle is Japanese made, when there is a breakdown, it takes a lot of time to get it repaired.”

The situation however is likely to improve as the Dzongkhag administration and the Bumthang Throm have now started an area wise waste collection initiative.

People will now have to clean their surroundings on the first Sunday of every month. The first such cleaning campaign is to begin by April 2.

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