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Haa’s road woes

Sangay Chezom, Paro
Mar 28, 2017

Roads in Haa District are mostly riddled with potholes and due to damaged drains along the roadside; the water gets clogged in it.

This has made residents sulk about the road condition and have kept unusual names for it.

While some residents call it the municipal golf course, others term it as the water reservoir. Motorists said their vehicles get stuck in potholes leading to mechanical damages. Pedestrians neither have any good thing to say about the roads.

Now, all they wish  is to see the entire roads resurfaced and potholes filled up at the soonest.

“It has been long since the dzongkhag has resurfaced the road. There are many potholes and since we have to travel along the roads daily, it causes damages to my car,” said a cabbie, Wangchuk.

Some residents said the local authorities renovated the roads sometimes but after few days of renovation, potholes reappear.

“Driving through pothole driven road is very uneasy. It poses problem both to the drivers and pedestrians. During rainy period, we accidentally splash water on students when our cars get jammed in potholes,” said a motorist, B.L.Kharil.

Haa municipal officials clarified that due to fund crunch, they have not been able to repair all the roads in Haa. However, they assured that the main road in Haa town will be renovated this April.

“We have given first priority to the resurfacing of the road because there are lots of potholes that need immediate repair and maintenance.  Within this financial year, as per our tender, we will resurface two roads which are in main town area,” said the Municipal Engineer, Sangay Dakpa.

The fund of Nu 2.9 M to renovate the roads in main town will be arranged from the Dzongkhag Development Grant.


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