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Schools across the country to observe Value Orientation Week

Sonam Pem, Thimphu
Jan 27, 2017

For the first time this year, schools across the country will observe and pilot “Value Orientation Week” in the first week of the academic session.

Teachers will facilitate students on various programmes related to Value and Life Skills Education.

Value orientation Week in schools is expected to be fun-filled to encourage communication and interaction.

The program is also to strengthen the bond between a teacher and student which usually does not happen once the classes begin.

“The value orientation week will be a very interactive and child centered week whereby our children will be empowered with life skills which will promote to bring about positive behavior change in our children and this will help them deal with daily challenges,” said the Deputy Chief Programme Officer of the Department of School Education, Karma Dechen.

Karma Dechen also said the value orientation week is to promote positive thoughts, positive speech, positive actions, and positive behavior in school, at home and community.

While the education ministry handed over the guideline and framework to all the districts yesterday, the schools will carry out the programme with their own improvisation.

The Deputy Chief Programme Officer added the Ministry is looking forward to a successful programme.

Value Orientation Week was one of the resolutions from the National Education Conference held earlier this month.


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