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Sonam Phuntsho withdraws defamation case against Namgay Zam and Dr Shacha Wangmo

Changa Dorji, Thimphu
Jan 24, 2017

Sonam Phuntsho, a local businessman withdraws defamation case against Freelance journalist Namgay Zam and Dr Shacha Wangmo. The verdict has asked Sonam Phuntsho to pay Nu 45,000 as compensation to them for causing inconveniences and wasting their time.

The withdrawal judgment was passed by the Thimphu District Court today. Sonam Phuntsho submitted the withdrawal letter yesterday.

Sonam Phuntsho said he withdrew case since he is getting his money by auctioning the building as per the Supreme Court’s order issued this month. The building is jointly owned by Dr Shacha’s mother and her sister. According to a Supreme Court verdict in August, the sister had sold the building to Sonam Phuntsho and received Nu 18 million as advance money.

Meanwhile, Namgay Zam said she won’t appeal but the fight for freedom of expression will remain a daily battle. And Dr Shacha said Sonam Phuntsho withdrew the case since he will be getting his money and the compensation amount was to prevent them from continuing the legal battle.

The defamation case was filed in August last year after Namgay Zam shared Dr Shacha’s story on Facebook about a property dispute between Sonam Phuntsho and Dr Shacha’s mother.


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