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Power tariff to be revised from January

Passang, Thimphu
Dec 26, 2016

A new power tariff will come into effect from January 1, 2017. Power tariff has been increased by 3 percent for Low Voltage Users and 6.5 percent for Medium Voltage users.

Under the revised power tariff, those consuming less than 100 units of electricity in rural areas will continue to enjoy free electricity. The tariff has been maintained at the existing rate of Nu 1.28 per unit for urban users, who consume less than 100 units.

But for those consumers between 100 to 300 units of electricity a month, the tariff has been revised by 3 percent. Users in this category will now be charged Nu 2.52 per unit. Earlier it was Nu 2.45.

Similarly, power tariff has been revised by 3 percent for those who use more than 300 unit of electricity in a month. In this category, the power tariff has been increased from existing Nu 3.23 to Nu 3.33 a unit.

The tariff will be increased by 3 percent every year till 2019.

The Government has approved over Nu 1.7 Billion as subsidies for low and medium voltage users for the next three years. The subsidy has increase by over Nu 314 million, due to increase in electricity supplying cost.

“The aim of the subsidisation is to ensure the prime objective to improve the quality of life and enhance the living standards of people and also to promote and sustain economic growth,” said the Director General of Department of Hydro and Power Systems, Sonam P Wangdi.

In line with the Tariff Determination Regulation, Druk Green Power Corporation and Bhutan Power Corporation submitted the domestic generation and supply tariff proposal for the next three years.

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