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Orange growers of Sarpang unhappy with the business

Karma Wangdi, Sarpang
Dec 22, 2016

Contrary to the past, orange growers in Sarpang have to take their yield to the exporters themselves, this time.

The exporters, who did the job before, stopped after they incurred a huge loss.

They would otherwise visit orange orchards during fruiting season and pay the farmer in advance for the business.

The farmers said transporting their produce entails extra expenditure and work.

“Without a road to our orange orchard, we have to carry oranges on our back and walk uphill to the main road point,” said a farmer from Dagana, Lambay.

An exporter, K.B.Chhetri said they incurred a loss last year after a poor yield. He said they did not want to take the chance this time around.

The price of mandarin has also come down, much to the chagrin of the farmers.

From US$ 23 per box of small oranges last year, the price has decreased to 20.

Orange export season in Sarpang starts from December until mid February.




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