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A festival of harvest, songs, and love

Pema Samdrup, Zhemgang
Dec 14, 2016

This is the time of year when farmers of Zhemgang come together to pay homage to the local deities for bountiful harvest.

Considered one of the most important festivals in Kheng region, Choadpa is observed after the harvest season is over.

On 15th of the 10th Month of the Bhutanese calendar, the villagers dressed in their best attire, gather at community Lhakhangs.

“Our forefathers observed the practice to pay respect to the deities and also to cleanse themselves of the sins,” said a local of Dakphay, Thujay Wangchuk.

Another local, Lhagay Tshering said the main intent of festival is to mark the end of harvest season.

During the festival, the villagers witness mask dances, engage in friendly debates through songs, eat and make merry.

It also provides an opportunity for courtship. The locals sing love verses setting the mood for love.

The festival lasts for three consecutive days.

“I come here to offer prayers, receive blessings and light butter lamps,” said Rinzin Wangdi of Tama village.

The locals believe that if they do not observe Choadpa annually, ill-luck will befall upon them.

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