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Keeping Thimphu city clean?

Kipchu & Sangay Chezom, Thimphu
Dec 13, 2016

It has been just a couple of days since the Nationwide Cleaning Campaign and already trash is beginning to appear in Thimphu city.

Many say maintaining the city is a challenge with majority of the residents not conscious about proper waste disposal.

Downtown Thimphu is already littered with plastic and paper wrappers. The drain that runs through the middle of the town is clogging again.

“I do not know why people dump trash outside the bins. They could be thinking there are cleaners to clean,” said a Gardener of Memorial Chorten, Kinley Namgay.

A Tour Guide, Chencho Wangdi said he sees people throwing plastic wrappers and empty bottles from their cars. “I think the government must strictly monitor this.”

A Thimphu Resident, Jambay said tourists take care of their own waste even when they are travelling.

He said Bhutanese are not as educated as the tourists and seem less aware of the impact of littering.

Thimphu Thromde’s Executive Secretary, Passang said they are imposing penalty on those who are found dumping trash in bulk.

He also said they are creating awareness on the ills of littering and at the same time asking people to clean their vicinity, every month.




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  1. Phenden Gyamtsho

    The government has done it’s best to educate and make public aware of the ill effects of littering.A couple of years ago, Thimphu Thromdey strictly monitored in main downtown but failed to continue. I personally feel that it is high time to punish those failing to comply. It is not because people are not educated. I’m sick of people driving luxurious cars throwing garbage from their windows. Taxi drivers hardly bother about the passengers throwing garbage out of their cars. Some of the Taxi drivers themselves throw garbage from the cars.

    It is not a tough thing to keep our places clean and safe. Educating our own family would be more than enough. The concerned authorities has to impose fines and keep monitoring regularly in continuity. It is the responsibility of Bhutanese to keep Bhutan clean. Let us do it together. Be a responsible citizen!

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