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Japanese tourists to Bhutan increases

Cheten Duphu, Trashigang
Oct 21, 2016

Bhutan witnessed a record arrival of Japanese tourists during Bhutan-Japan Friendship offer period in June, July and August.

There were more than 3,300 Japanese tourists as compared to only 625 in the same period last year, the preliminary report of Tourism Council of Bhutan says.

The offer was to celebrate the two countries’ close diplomatic relations for 30 years.

During the offer period, the government earned over US$ 1 M  as royalty and visa fees as compared to only US$ 221,565 in 2015 for the same months last year.

Like previous years, the trend was same with most visitors spending time in the western region.

During the offer, the Japanese were levied the daily royalty of US$ 65 US.

The two airlines and hotels provided up to 50 percent discount on their rates.

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