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Olarongchhhu’s automobile workshop to get a facelift

Phub Gyem, Thimphu
Oct 19, 2016

olarongchhhus-automobile-workshop-to-get-a-faceliftThe automobile workshops at Olarongchhhu in Thimphu will get a facelift within the next six months provided the owners agree to take charge of maintenance.

Meeting with the workshop owners yesterday, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said the government will fund the infrastructure development works.

olarongchhhus-automobile-workshop-to-get-a-faceliftThe government will carry out concreting of the road and build proper drainage system within the workshop area.

If need be, a work place crèche and an Early Child Care Development Centre will also be constructed for children of the workshop-employees.

“They also said they will help us have access to safe drinking water. The government will also build a park in the area…We will also consult with the Thromde and forward our decision to the government. I think we can do the maintenance,” said a member of Olarongchu Automobile Association, Kinley Nidup.

Lyonchhen suggested the automobile workshop owners to clear scrap every six months as it occupies parking space unnecessarily.

The government after discussing with Thimphu Thromde will identify a scrap dumping yard.

The owners were also asked to look at the possibility of granting six-month maternity to their female employees.

Stretched over a 16-acre land, the Olarongchu workshop area has more than 70 workshops.


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