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Two Gomchens to battle it out for LG elections

Cheten Dupchu, Trashigang
Sep 22, 2016

(Left-Right): Kulung, 58 & Pema Tenzin, 33

Two former Gomchens will battle it out for the post of Radhi Gup in Trashigang, next week. The two candidates are among the eight former Gomchens aspiring to be gups in Trashigang in the second Local Government elections.

A younger candidate from the two aspiring gup candidates in Radhi, Pema Tenzin, 33, was a gomchen for eight years.

The candidate, who also worked as caretaker, came under the spotlight when he ousted the former gup during the Kadam Chiwog Zomdu.

He says his experience as Gomchen can benefit him if elected.

“With practice of our religion’s tshemey zhi; kindness, compassion, happiness and equanimity, we can help the people. I will try to practice them and it will be best if I can apply all of them. Most importantly I feel that I can apply these values’ to serve people.”

The other opponent, Kulung, 58, from Tongling Pam Chiwog was a Gomchen for more than a decade. Being one of the oldest, he has a myriad of experience even as gup for many years. He says experience of serving as Gomchen can prove to be an added advantage.

“I feel that some gups who also has not served as gomchens are involved in corruption because they don’t know what is patience and equanimity. But since I served as gomchen before, people think that I can serve them with equity and justice.”

Both the candidates have prioritized construction of more farm roads in the gewog.

There are more than 3,800 voters in the Radhi Gewog.

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