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The grounding of the recently acquired aircraft raises questions

Sep 6, 2011

After the recently acquired Drukair plane was grounded on several occasions, many questions are asked.

Drukair bought the ATR 42-500 aircraft in June this year. In the last three months, it was grounded five times due to mechanical failure.

People are asking why a recently acquired aircraft had to be grounded. Why it is susceptible to mechanical failures?

The Drukair has already spent around US$ 30,000 in maintaining the aircraft.

Tandin Jamso, the CEO, said “being a machine, you never know when it will get spoilt but with regard to our records, everything is fine with the aircraft.”

He explained that the spare parts have to be procured “all the way from the manufacturers. This takes very long. The manufacturers don’t know how to send us our parts since we are a small country and not well known to them.”

Although the ATR has a seating capacity of 48 passengers, it can carry only 15 passengers if the temperature outside goes above 29 to 30 degrees. It can carry 38 passengers, if the aircraft takes off in the morning when the temperature is between 10 to 15 degrees.

The ATR has been in operation since last Friday after Drukair managed to get the required spare parts. The ATR 42-500 was bought only for domestic flights.

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