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Bhutanese animators face sustainability challenge

Phub Gem, Thimphu
Sep 1, 2016

Bhutanese animators face sustainability challengeBhutanese producing animations is moderately new. Animation industry in Bhutan is emerging but the animators said its sustainability is a challenge.

A local animator and director for art and animation of Studio Awake-can, Chand Bhattarai said animation industry in Bhutan started only in 2005 with just two studios.

He said Bhutanese animators would continue to face sustainability challenge unless more producers show interest.

“If the government can support animation commercials it will be helpful for all the animators. Otherwise, it will be difficult and challenging.”Bhutanese animators face sustainability challenge-

Some local production houses are now hiring local animators to produce feature films.

A Bhutanese produced a 2D animated feature film titled Drukten. Drukten is the first Bhutanese 2D animated feature film although a 2D animated series called Ro Ngoedrupchen was produced prior to it by the Department of Information and Media in 2011.

The Producer of Drukten, Rabsel Dorji said it is crucial to support Bhutanese animators.

“Most of them have studied animation their whole life. They have studied it in college and when they come back to Bhutan they realise there is no industry and they land up doing odd jobs.”



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