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Four sentenced for burglary

Changa Dorji, Thimphu
Aug 26, 2016

Thimphu District Court sentenced four men to non-compoundable imprisonment ranging from two and a half to eight years for a burglary case.

A prime suspect in the case, Cigay Dorji, is still at large. No charges have been filed against Cigay Dorji.

Including the prime suspect, Tashi Tshering, and Kuenlay Dorji had robbed valuable items worth about Nu 5 M from a house in Semtokha, Thimphu in 2014.

The two convicts, Sonam Dorji, and Ugyen, entered the scene at the later stage of the crime.

The verdict passed today said the four will have to compensate the house owner about Nu 5 M, the cost of the items they had stolen from the house. They will also have to pay an additional Nu 84,000 as compensation to the owner.

Tashi Tshering and Kuenlay Dorji will have to pay Nu 21,000 each for unnecessary harassment of an innocent man, Suman Yakha.

With intent to mislead the police, the two convicts had left a picture of Suman besides a safe they had taken from the house and broken open at Khasadrapchu.

Tashi Tshering and Kuenlay Dorji confessed to have found the picture from Thimphu town.

Suman, who is from Samtse, had dropped his picture when he was in the city scouting for a job.

The deception had led to the arrest of an innocent man.

For failing to report the deception and other charges, the two convicts, Sonam Dorji and Ugyen have been asked to pay additional Nu 11,000 each.


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