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Sarpang town flooded

Karma Wangdi, Sarpang
Jul 20, 2016

Sarpang town flooded More than 40 shopkeepers of Sarpang had to move to higher ground after Sarpang River broke its banks and flooded the town. After two days of continuous downpour, the river started edging towards the town this morning, almost washing away a two-storied house, located five metres away from the town towards the river.

The shopkeepers, with the help of dzongkhag officials, forest, and police personnel, could move their belongings to multipurpose hall, FCB, and vegetable shed located a half a kilometre away from town.

No casualties have been reported.

The embankment wall had also been damaged.

The affected are putting up with their relatives and friends.

Sarpang town was hit twice by flashflood in the past.

In Gelegphu, the swollen streams along the Gelegphu-Zhemgang highway are obstructing traffic.

According to the Department of Hydro-met Services, the southern belt of the country is expected to experience heavy rainfall in the next 48 hours. Rest of the country is expected to receive moderate rain.


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  1. Ishor p. Kafley

    Thank so much to BBS for reporting the scene.very sad news. Is there any method to how could we can help those victims if we wish to do?

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