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Driglam Division drafting a book to reinforce use of Adha Rachu

Damcho Zam, Thimphu
Apr 28, 2016

AdaRachuDriglam Division, under home ministry, is drafting a book to reinforce the ministry’s circulation on the mandatory use of Adha Rachu.

“These days, people have started creating their own patterns, ignoring the culture. If we let them do this, it will hamper our culture in the future,” said Driglam Division’s Head, Jigme Yoezer.

Jigme Yoezer has been working on the book: Bhutan National Driglam Namzha, for the last two years. He said the book will explain general Bhutanese code of etiquette and procedures to implement them.

“Since our forefathers, the colour of rachus for commoners has been red with some small patterns in the middle and on its borders.”  He said that is how it should remain.

He also said the book will be completed in two months.

Home Minister Dawa Gyaltshen, over the phone, said they are insisting that women wear Adha Rachu since there are different types in the market. “The initiative is to promote and revive the rich cultural heritage of the country.”

11 Comments for “Driglam Division drafting a book to reinforce use of Adha Rachu”

  1. Rinchen

    Guess the initiative is to make the rich cultural heritage of the country poorer!!!

  2. Pema

    Our ancestors were barefooted, wore ankle length kiras and didn’t wear wonju. Oppression.

  3. Disappointed

    2 years of research and coming to this conclusion? Makes no sense how such a rule could “promote and revive the rich cultural heritage of the country”. Aren’t there any other “important” issues the division should be addressing instead of coming up with crazy ideas to destroy what our culture is all about: colours and intrinsic patterns!!

  4. Peldon

    Only if home ministry take all our rachus and issue adha rachu

  5. Sangay

    BBs should have a talk show of women on this matter .

  6. Kuenza

    Jigme Yoezer should resign for his lack of research on the history of the way the Rachu is worn. In fact I wouldn’t mind if the whole Driglam Namzha division is sacked. It’s oppressive. Culture cannot be forced down your throat.

  7. rigdrel

    Wow jabchor ya la nansay lhankha

  8. Sangay

    The Department of culture should make compulsory to wear Tshoglhams by the office goers every day which will contribute import substitution while preserving the culture. This way we will be using our own products and also promoting culture without requiring to depend on imported shoes we currently wear every day.

  9. Kunzang

    Men should not be allowed to wear bura kabneys. Every ordinary citizens should be barefooted. Citizens should survive on dengo and dried chillies. No buildings should be made of concrete. Men’s gho should be above their knees. Women’s kiras should be above their ankles. Pockets should be bigger than us. Imported goods should be banned. English should be banned. Electronics should be banned. Guitars and drums and pianos and everything non-bhutanese should be banned. We should go back to monarchy. Like Slytherin all mudbloods and half-bloods should be banned. Only the pure bloods should be allowed in. Tourism should be banned. #preserveculture #bebhutanese #MakeCultureRichNotPoor #ThisNewRuleDoesntMakeSense

  10. Ada Rachu?

    A blatant decision and blind move. An antediluvian idea of promoting culture. I am afraid that we will be made to use kerosene lamp for household lighting to preserve culture (our forefathers never used electricity).

  11. Kota

    Home ministry should start distributing the same pattern ada rachus to all women of our country to make it universal and they should pay for the used rachus (with different patterns) of every women of Bhutan since it will be of no use. Decision without consultation with every women of Bhutan seems absurd because in other way, Govt talks about womens right.

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