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Bhutanese builds bike

Cheten Drupchu, Trashigang
Mar 28, 2016

ChopperBike-Trashigang-The Internet has provided Ugyen Jatsho with a treasure of knowledge to build his very own first motorcycle in Bhutan, the Tanatinka Chopper. People are already calling it the Bhutanese Harley Davidson.

Ugyen Jatsho, from Kanglung in Trashigang watched many YouTube tutorials on making and customising bikes while at the same time he also kept a burgeoning collection of spare parts and broken pieces, mostly collected from vehicle workshops.

Jatsho shows the bike; it has the gear handle of a car; and it is adjusted using hands. The main handle bar may appear at quite a distance from where the rider sat. The seat-pad where the rider sat is upholstered with yathra.

The Tanatinka Chopper travels at 160 kmph.

Those who knew Jatsho for a long time said he was always obsessed with bikes and machines from when he was little. It remained one of his biggest goal to build a bike he can call his.

Ugyen Jatsho said he wanted a bike, which he could not find in the market and landed up making one. “I wanted to ride a unique bike.”

A few months ago, he was giving his last finishing touches to the bike with a final coat of black paint and called it Tanatinka Chopper. He had used Nu 35,000 on this personal project.

The sinister look and some of its features resembling foreign bikes, has attracted much attention. Many were led to believe it was imported.

Friends of Ugyen Jatsho, who also rode the bike, said they found it to be extremely cool. Jatsho wants to build more and better bikes and eventually start a small company to manufacture Bhutanese bikes.

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