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Thromde conducts surprise check

Feb 26, 2016

Thromde conducts surprise check More than 100 building owners across Norzin and Changlam area were penalised by the Thimphu Thromde yesterday for poor waste management in their areas. During a surprise inspection, thromde officials collected more than Nu 100,000 as fine for not following rules and regulations.

According to Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2012, littering, dumping, smearing of lime and display of posters are not allowed in public places.Thromde conducts surprise check--

Most building owners paid a fine of Nu 100 for littering. Some house owners were however asked to pay Nu 20,000 for dumping waste into prohibited areas.

Thimphu Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said, despite several cleaning and awareness campaigns, many people are still unaware. So we have now decided to penalise people directly for breaching the waste management rules. “We will be doing this once a week.”

Thromde officials also inspected drainage system, fencing and flooring in the town.

Officials will be strictly monitoring the whole city to manage and prevent waste.

3 Comments for “Thromde conducts surprise check”

  1. Awakening

    Good job … Well done… Keep up the Sprite and consistency… Angry dog will bark but work should go on… It should be regular check not just surprise check and give some bonus to those inspectors who brave harsh words and insults from litter bugs.. It’s high time for action.. Too much talking has been done … Really appreciated for pulling socks up and putting boots on & folding the sleeves up for real action.

  2. Awakening

    In most clean countries or rather developed countries, cleaning is a business and thousands of Bhutanese are doing cleaning job abroad.. Every one is aware which country I am talking about.Now with strict waste management rules in place cleaning can be real business. Bhutan doesn’t have one cleaning company as a country. How do we expect someone to clean our streets, toilets , ect every time by volunteers. It will create jobs for hundreds of youths..

  3. sonam

    when you pay for parking car which doesn’t dirt the road then why not pay for cleaning waste or litter which brings disease , spoil image as tourist destination( our main source of income)..Honestly its going going to create jobs…..

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