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Widening works disrupt water supply in Nobding

Komal Kharkha, Wangdue
Feb 24, 2016

WaterProblem-Nobding--The widening works on the east west highway has disrupted drinking water supply for the people of Nobding in Wangdue Phodrang for five months. The widening works have damaged the the main water supply pipe of the village.

The water pipe caters drinking water to more than 20 households of Nobding village. It was connected to the source in 2013 as part of the Rural Water Supply Scheme. And since October last year, villagers claim the highway widening works has been leaving the pipes damaged, time and again.

Dangchhu Gewogs mangmi Pemba said, the gewog administration came to inspect the damge, but whenver the pipes were repaired, it got damaged the next day.WaterProblem-Nobding-

Sonam Dorji, a Nobding resident said, it has become an expensive affair to keep repairing the pipes time and again.

Those affected said they have now stopped repairing the pipes. And in absence of an alternative water source, they have been managing drinking water from places wherever available.

Others are using water from nearby streams and storing them in containers. Expectant that situation will improve, the villagers are still disappointed, nothing has happened.

Other villagers are worried, the lack of water was causing and spreading illness

Karchung, an official from the Regional Office of the department of roads in Lobesa said the villagers were already informed not to route the water pipes along the highway. He said villagers also did not get clearance from the office for the purpose which otherwise is necessary. He said it is difficult to avoid the pipes while widening the road.

Villagers said since the water source is located near the highway, the pipes were also installed along the road. However, for now, the only option for them is to wait for widening works to complete, which Road officials confirmed will not take long.

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