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Tsirang’s stalled bypass road to finally see the light of day

Kencho Tshering, Tsirang
Feb 3, 2016

Tsirang’s stalled bypass road to finally see the light of dayConstruction of the 1.8-kilometre bypass road in Tsirang, which was started seven years ago, is expected to be completed before the second deadline. The construction, which began in 2008-09 financial year, was stopped the same year, after completing only 800 metres due to budget shortfall.

The work of Nu 32.4 M worth road resumed in June 2015.Tsirang’s stalled bypass road to finally see the light of day--

Tsirang’s municipal executive engineer, Tshewang Tenzin said the deadline for the completion, this time, is in October.

He said the bypass road, once completed, will help decongest traffic in the core town area. Heavy vehicles will be restricted from plying through the town.

The second benefit, the executive engineer said, is the accessibility the bypass road will provide to the plot owners of the Urban Village 3 (UV3). The bypass road will connect UV3’s internal road, making it easier for the plot owners to transport construction materials for buildings.  The plot owners are in the process of constructing buildings.

Those who reside by the bypass road are also excited about the benefits that will come along with it.

“I will not have to carry heavy loads on my back,” said a local, Geta Devi.

Others said they could finally make use of the vehicles they had bought long time back.


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