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Brand Bhutan’s official colours are Yellow and Maroon

Pema Lhaden, Thimphu
Feb 1, 2016

Brand Bhutan’s official colours are Yellow and MaroonThe official colours for ‘Brand Bhutan’ are Yellow and Maroon. Economic affairs’ Department of Trade says they chose the colours as they depict purity, simplicity, country’s pristine environment, and Gross National Happiness.

Brand Bhutan’s official colours are Yellow and Maroon--These colours make up logos for brands such as ‘Made in Bhutan’ and ‘Grown in Bhutan’. Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay launched the logos, today.

Lyonchhen said irrespective of familial and professional backgrounds, Bhutanese must be true to the ideals and values of Brand Bhutan.

“Putting the limited resources that we have to the best possible use, that is brand Bhutan. All of it did not come naturally. This treasure house of brand equity didn’t just grow by itself; it was nurtured over a century by our Kings. They worked diligently to get us to where we are.”

Brand Bhutan is part of government’s export development strategy. The Department of Trade says it took a decade to come up with Brand Bhutan logos.

The logos were designed by a renowned consultancy firm based in Singapore.

However, trade officials say business firms can use these logos after certain criteria are fulfilled first. The department is working on the criteria.



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