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70 percent contractors do not meet CDB’s requirements

Cheten Dupchu, Thimphu
Jan 28, 2016

70 percent contractors do not meet CDB’s requirementsAbout 70 percent of medium and large class contractors do not meet the requirements set by the Construction Development Board (CDB). Such mass non-compliance by over 300 contractors was found during the monitoring of office establishments of the contractors.

The Construction Development Board monitored over 450 medium and large class contractors from about 600. The rest could not be monitored as most could not be traced.

From the unfulfilled requirements, there were whopping 329 contractors who did not have adequate human resources. There were over 200 contractors who did not have office establishments. Over 150 contractors had no signboards. Some contractors had also changed their address without the notice of the Board.

“We see many contractors do not have offices and they don’t maintain payroll of their staff. If there are no engineers, works cannot be carried out properly. There should be site monitoring, site control and quality assurance,” said CDB’s Chief Regulatory Officer, Chane Zangmo.

She also said the Board is confronted with shortage of staff for monitoring purposes.

The contractors will be given six months to fulfill the requirements. The contractors found not complying during the duration will be downgraded or denied renewal of registration certificates.

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