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BHSL helps reduce power stations’ expenses by Nu 145 M

Phurba, Gelegphu
Jan 18, 2016

BHSL helps reduce power stations’ expenses by Nu 145 MEstablishment of Bhutan Hydropower Services Limited (BHSL) in Jigmeling, Sarpang, has helped reduce the annual maintenance expenses of power stations by Nu 145 M.

Before the establishment of BHSL, power stations used to spend approximately Nu 15 M to repair a turbine. They had to send it to India or Nepal.

Since its establishment, BHSL has undertaken the repair of seven turbines and other components. Bhutan Hydropower Services Limited was established in October, 2014. They have completed repairing two turbines and have handed them over to the power stations. The repair center is currently working on the remaining five.

The repair centre is expected to reduce maintenance cost significantly, this year as well, with the government planning to produce 10,000 MW of electricity by 2020.

BHSL’s Chief Executive Officer, Tenzin said since constructions of a few hydropower projects are underway, it is difficult to expand their business.

“Firstly, there are not many works. So we are trying to do maintenance of the transformers from India.”

Tenzin also said lack of skilled worker is yet another challenge. “Since we don’t have skilled worker, it would take some time to prepare those.” The repair centre has employed 82 youth as of now.

Tenzin also said the repair centre will also address the transportation cost and other inconveniences.

The centre plans to repair 17 turbines and other machinery in a year. It also has plans to make turbines.

BHSL is a joint venture of the Druk Green Power Corporation and ALSTOM Hydro Holding, based in India.

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