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Keeping civil service apolitical

Cheten Dupchu, Thimphu
Jan 14, 2016

Keeping civil service apoliticalThe Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is exploring protocols and policies to keep civil service apolitical. RCSC has found that no mechanisms are in place to ensure civil service remains apolitical.

The RCSC, as the central personnel agency of the government, will look at ways in which protocols for interaction and communication with elected leaders can be put in place, according to RCSC’s annual report. This can be also used to provide basis for RCSC intervention during conflicts between civil servants and politicians.

Explicit policies on record keeping and documentation in relation to interaction with ministerial offices will be also put in place.

According to RCSC, protocols are required to ensure written notes accompany oral briefs and that records of discussion in all ministerial interactions are maintained.

The RCSC will use executive forums to discuss the issue so that the executives who interact most with the ministers and politicians will have clarity on how they should engage. Having such explicit protocols and policies will also have effect of creating such awareness among the ministers and politicians.

It is also expected to give the civil servants required protection to make the civil servants work without fear or favour.

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