Tshogpa suspended over alleged misuse of public funds

The Khabti-Lungtenzampa Tshogpa of Samkhar Gewog in Trashigang has been suspended over alleged misuse of public funds amounting to Nu 250,000. The suspension is to last eight months.

The supposedly misused money was for timber procurement to renovate the gewog’s Lhakhang. The amount also include penalty amount collected from the absentee owners of houses in the gewog, among others.

The case has been forwarded to the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs. The ministry is yet to respond.

The Tshogpa refuted the allegation. He says he did not misuse the public money and that he still has leftover money to be returned.

But since a complaint of corruption has been filed against him, the Tshogpa says he will wait for the verdict.

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