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Cataract on the rise in Samtse

Sonam Phuntsho, Samtse
Dec 28, 2015

Cataract on the rise in SamtseAbout 40 cataract surgeries were performed in less than three days, during a week-long Eye Camp in Samtse, which concluded yesterday. Records with the Health officials indicate that the number of people suffering from cataract is on the rise in Samtse.

Over 400 people availed the services from the Eye Camp that took place at the Samtse Hospital. The services included cataract surgery which is the most common cause of vision loss over the age 50.

An eye specialist, Dr. Dechen Wangmo, said many cases were matured cataracts which is quite alarming.

“Comparing to other Dzongkhags, the number of cataract patients who have been coming here are quite significant and many of them quite matured which we have not seen nowadays in other Dzongkhags.”

Dr. Dechen Wangmo said this could probably be because some of the patients are still hesitant to come to the health centre to seek medical advice. “So from our side I feel that besides conducting the yearly camp we need to do more advocacies.”

Although surgery in this stage increases risk of complications, such as vitreous loss, the team was successful in performing the operations.

Dr. Dechen Wangmo pointed out that people need to seek the health intervention at earliest in order to reduce the risk of complications during surgeries.

“When it is really matured, half the time they land up with complications where the pressure in the eyes goes up or where the nerves get damaged. When they come late; even if we operate, the outcome is not really good.”

Aside from Cataract surgery, the team performed a vision testing among children and adults and Retinotherapy, for the patients, who are diabetic.

Eye camp is an annual event to provide free health care closer to people.

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